Mouthwatering waffles are a substantial meal or a delightful anytime snack. Our waffles are made from homemade batter using the finest ingredients, and our gourmet toppings might surprise you! From our original Carrot Cake Waffle with Cream Cheese Frosting, to our Shepherd’s Pie on our savory Potato Waffle, there is sure to be something to satisfy your cravings. We feature local ingredients throughout our menu and are proud to work with local vendors.

Our goal is to put a smile on your face from your very first bite.
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MONDAY  4/14/14

TUESDAY 4/15/14



THURSDAY 4/10/14
MSFT 110/St. X
15050 NE 36th St
Redmond  11-2

FRI 4/11/14


SAT 4/19/14
Redmond Town Center
Easter Egg Dying
Event 11-2

SAT 4/19/14

Populuxe Brewery
5:30 - 8pm